* We're planning a Plasma sprint!
* Tentative location is Augsburg, Germany
* Please see
and enter yourself in the poll
* Other than that:
* Port kio-extras to KF6:

* I uploaded my new datetime engine replacement as a MR
* I haven't ported digital clock to it yet, which is the real test
* One discussion point, I tried to use the magic new macro
qt_make_qml_import (or something like that)   with the QML_ELEMENT
and couldn't make it work
* It didn't install the generated qmldir file
* [nico] ah, it doesn't allow "installing" a qml module
* [nico] and is a dealbreaker for us, i'm poking Qt people

* i fixed activities not switching on plasma 6
* did more doc stuff for p-w which should land soon (it will be
targetting mostly kf6)
* more p6 applet ports got merged, there's still some left in review
in p-desktop if anyone wants to take a look

* I am still looking forward to disabling triangle filter in the task
manager in 5.27. Here is the patch:

Working on renaming translation files for the KF6 branch and I have
two questions, probably more-Frameworks than Plasma, but a lot of
people here contribute to those repositories:
- the translation template of kirigami in KF5 is called
libkirigami2plugin_qt.pot, how should it be called in KF6?
- same for kirigami-addons (which is not a framework yet but it seems
it's going to need co-installability): from kirigami-addons.pot to
- Marco: I would go for libkirigami6_qt.pot

* there is now a wip standalone plasma::svg library
* on wednesday i want to do a short video meeting about it on 15pm cet

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