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I'm studying to move from Fedora Gnome to openSuse Tumbleweed KDE and found out
this behavior in KDE using a LiveCD. Actually I didn't get why this bug is so
irrelevant for KDE (don't see this as a feature but a bug). 

See 3 points where this bug affects the users:

1. Energy consumption once turn off the screen will use the energy efficiently;
2. New displays like OLEDs need to be in the stand-by mode to be able to
execute the pixel refresh to avoid burn-in;
3. Don't see logic on allow the display be turned on in a black screen with
clock (there is an option to disable the clock) and the cursor. I'm a MacOS and
Gnome user, both DE turn off the screen on the lock screen.

@jonathan opened
to implement this 1 month ago, pushed a commit and that's it, nothing happen. I
see a
that I can add $50 as well but I don't think money is the real problem here. 

I wonder what we really need to make this bug relevant to KDE. I'm not a C++
programmer but have two decades of software engineer, so I believe I can
implement this with someone mentors me, but I'm vision the problem is
motivation and not a new person writing code.

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