Am 09.07.23 um 12:56 schrieb Nicolas Fella:

on the KF6 workboard there's a number of plasma-framework related tasks
that are still open. Some of them are actionable, others probably not or
need discussion.

I would appreciate if someone could go over the open tasks and triage
them, i.e. determine whether we consider them done, whether they are
still relevant, whether we need more discussion on it.

This helps us get a clear picture of what still needs to be done before
a potential 6.0 release of Frameworks/Plasma and thus helps with
planning our release timeline.

In particular I'd like input on these tasks:

- Split plasma-framework:

- What to do with splitted frameworks:

- qml imports plasma Core:

- Discuss: QML scriptapplet plugin:

- Deprecate Plasma::Theme

- plasma-framework improvements / breaking changes:

The Plasma 6 board could use a similar cleanup.

If we need discussion on any of this we can organize a BBB meeting like
we have in the past.
Furthermore there's a number of "TODO KF6" comments in p-f code. Those
should be looked into as well

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