Hi all,

I agree that the first-run wizard might be annoying. But if it was a
first-screen with options to have 'introduction', 'new features',
'setup wizard', I think it would be ok. Manjaro has had a first-run
screen for ages, I never found it problematic.

Plus, Martin had a few really nice points there.

> Beyond that there is also the old truism that if you need to explain to
> the user how to do common tasks then those tasks need redesign.

I think this is a fallacy. If you had a lumberjack that used an axe
for his whole life, and got him a chainsaw, without any introductory
instructions, he would just keep swinging that thing at the tree.

The fact that people are used to a certain kind of UI is not the
reason for you not to invent something new and better.


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