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> System Settings has a lot of different single KCM's they are grouped and
> when you open a KCM you see also the other KCM's from the group in the
> sidebar, but sometimes it would be also usefull to show the user KCM
> modules that are not in the same group cause the KCM modul is related to
> the group.
> for example:
> you want to change the desktop theme from light to dark but with oxygen
> icons. you can switch everything in the look and feel kcm and than you have
> to switch to the icon group. with see also you go to look and feel package
> see the kcm's from the group and on bottom a see also section with color,
> window and desktop switcher, ... and everything that the look and feel
> package change.
> mockup as example
> the see also stuff was discussed in mai 2014
> the idea is that the you can add in the kcm .desktop file an see also
> section (like the search stuff) where you can add the related kcms. So if
> nobody change something nothing happen.
> cheers
> Andreas_K

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