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I thought about this kind of thing once since I had another use-case - a screen
where the speaker is powered by the monitor so DPMS would cut the sound.
Fortunately in that case the monitor can be configured to keep audio power on
when the screen was off.

This was part of the motivation for the proposal in bug 318461. I think that
the idea was that screen locking was something that happened when the session
was idle, but screen power-saving was something that happened when the screen
(logind seat? device?) was idle. Then normally the screen being locked would
mean the screen becomes idle but things like screen-powered audio or, now, HDMI
audio could inhibit this.

More practically, it may be feasible for active HDMI audio to inhibit screen
power saving in the same way external screens currently inhibit any kind of
screen interruption. How does that sound, Kai?

I also wonder if this could be handled better with help from further up the
stack. Is there an opportunity to do things better with wayland than with
xserver dpms?

Is there a gnome (or other desktop) bug filed too, or are you only interested
in a KDE Plasma solution?

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