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(Updated Sept. 22, 2016, 8:41 p.m.)


This change has been discarded.

Review request for Plasma, Aaron J. Seigo, Christian Esken, Marco Martin, and 
Igor Poboiko.

Repository: kmix


KMix qml applet.
As you can see from the screenshot, the applet is pretty much functional: you 
can display all the controls available, change its orientation, and decide to 
whether show all of them or just the Master Control, and refresh its status 
when new controls are added/removed/updated (such as Amarok current playing 
track). See screenshots below :)
Differences from the old kmix tray:
* no media player controls ( I never investigated how to get them, but honestly 
opening the audio applet to change/skip/pause audio track makes little sense to 
me ... if anyone wants this feature back, don't be shy and step in);
* the button used to select which Mixers are visible has been changed to open 
Phonon kcm page: since visible mixers are already configurable from KMix app, 
having a button to show KMix *and* a button to modify Mixers visibilty made 
little sense here too, so I preferred to give more visibility to Phonon kcm;

Known issues:
* there is still no way to get notified of mouse wheel events over the 
popupIcon, so it is not possible to scroll over to increase/decrease the master 
control volume;
* no scroll events over the sliders too;
* if you want to use the applet you most likely will disable KMix tray icon 
but, if you do so, KMix will show its GUI at every login and you have to close 
it manually. This requires KMix to be patched. Furthermore, if you click "KMix 
Setup" button, KMix window will not restored anymore: this needs to be pathed 
as well.
* resize doesn't work properly.


  plasma/kmix-applet-qml/contents/ui/ButtonBar.qml 1467957 
  plasma/kmix-applet-qml/contents/ui/kmixapplet.qml 6c09359 

Diff: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/112208/diff/


Tested against master and works fine.

File Attachments

Default look
Menu Actions
Applet Config Options
Vertical Control
ToolButton label and Config page after updates
Control Icon and Label left aligned
Kmix, horizontal view
Kmix applet, vertical view


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