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Review request for Plasma.

Repository: plasma-workspace



I have been working a bit in kubuntu's plasma packaging, when I started plasma 
from a fresh new account I noticed I couldn't see most icons in the GUI's 
except for a few ones.

So I checked the starkde output to try to find out what was wrong, I found a 
line like this one:
static QPlatformTheme* QKdeTheme::createKdeTheme(): Unable to determine KDEHOME

Digging a bit more into the issue I also found out where this message comes 
File src/platformsupport/themes/genericunix/qgenericunixthemes.cpp (Qt 5.3.0) 
lines 446-468:
QPlatformTheme *QKdeTheme::createKdeTheme()
    // Check for version >= 4 and determine home folder from environment,
    // defaulting to ~/.kde<version>, ~/.kde
    const QByteArray kdeVersionBA = qgetenv("KDE_SESSION_VERSION");
    const int kdeVersion = kdeVersionBA.toInt();
    if (kdeVersion < 4)
        return 0;
    const QString kdeHomePathVar = QString::fromLocal8Bit(qgetenv("KDEHOME"));
    if (!kdeHomePathVar.isEmpty())
        return new QKdeTheme(kdeHomePathVar, kdeVersion);

     const QString kdeVersionHomePath = QDir::homePath() + 
QStringLiteral("/.kde") + QLatin1String(kdeVersionBA);
     if (QFileInfo(kdeVersionHomePath).isDir())
         return new QKdeTheme(kdeVersionHomePath, kdeVersion);

     const QString kdeHomePath = QDir::homePath() + QStringLiteral("/.kde");
     if (QFileInfo(kdeHomePath).isDir())
         return new QKdeTheme(kdeHomePath, kdeVersion);

     qWarning("%s: Unable to determine KDEHOME", Q_FUNC_INFO);
     return 0;

So I'm inclined to think the ~/.kde directory should be created if it doesn't 
exist, thats what the patch does. What do you think?


  startkde/startkde.cmake ea0bdfe 

Diff: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/118865/diff/


Applied a similar patch in a customized kubuntu package. With the patch the 
~/.kde directory is created and the icons can be seen.


José Manuel  Santamaría Lema

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