just a heads up, I started working (again) on a new KCM for network
configuration, this time I decided to make it simple, just implement it
similar to the editor, with just a bit nicer UI. We can always add features
and changes in future, but right now I think that the most important part is
to allow configure connections through system settings.

My plan is to have the list of connections on the left side and once you
pickup some connection, you will get configuration (same one as in the editor)
on the right side, except it won't be separated to tabs, but all configuration
will be below each other with some separators or maybe use ToolBox widget, not
sure what's better option.

Picture of the list of connections:

I really like the idea for the layout, because it follows the general Kirigami column-based layout, which would also make it perfectly suitable for Plasma Mobile!

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