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  > Errrr... this does not allow the dock to control input, ie. the dock can or 
can not take focus but you want focus if eg. clicking into a lineedit while do 
certainly not want it when clicking a button that will activate a window (FSP 
  > With the stateful approach, the dock would have to juggle around the 
setting instead of just telling the WM to pass it the focus *now* (for some 
local user interaction)
  I don't see any real world cases where that would be needed. In Plasma we 
either have a panel with no input fields at all (normal panel) or panels which 
should have focus directly from start (e.g. widget explorer). They have an 
input field but typing in it should start searching directly, if not the input 
is delegated to krunner, which is certainly not what is wanted.

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