I decided to replace the kde5-nm-connection-editor with a more user friendly 
KCM with a bit more nicer UI. The KCM is also missing in system settings and 
would be nice to have it there. I just don't know how it should look like, as 
developers are poor designers, so I just came up with this [1]. While I'm 
satisfied with the left side representing the list of connections, I'm not 
sure about the configuration itself and its representation, whether I should 
remain using TabWidget or use some different layout/representation. Right now 
I plan to just create a replacement for the editor, so there will be options 
to add/remove/connect/disconnect connections and import/export VPNs. So 
another question is how to represent those options and where to put them.

So what do you think?

[1] - https://jgrulich.fedorapeople.org/kcm_network.png


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