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  Is this Differential abandoned? I think the proposed behavioural change is 
greatly needed!
  I'm doing some small work on the lock screen at the moment and while testing 
I created sometimes accidentally a second user session in sddm, which always 
(!) locked up my PC completely and I had to hard reboot. Because of this I also 
don't think there should be a config option. Who does need a second GUI session 
on the same user anyway?
  And as @broulik stated, the other big problem is, that a user isn't able to 
fall back via GUI to his old session once inside sddm. An accidental click on 
"Switch User" can happen and if the user is a Linux beginner, he might not know 
the concept of VTs and switching by Ctrl+Alt+Fx. Then disaster strikes as he 
tries to enter his old, but in fact new, user session in sddm.
  If the theme isn't the right place to do this change, where can it go? To be 
honest I'm surprised it works this way at all, since I thought this has to be 
some hard coded functionality inside sddm.

  rPLASMAWORKSPACE Plasma Workspace



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