On zaterdag 15 oktober 2016 13:32:35 CEST kainz.a wrote:
> there are some KCM's the default user didn't need, some of them are also
> broken. It need some time to realize that the KCM's are from KIO.
> connectivity -> Samba Shares (didn't work)

Then it should be fixed...

> some kcm's are available but only needed if you install a kde browser. So
> please activate this KCM's not by default. maybe when you install a KDE
> browser the KCM's should be added (or you can change the setting in the
> browser) - browser
> - cookies
> - SSL Settings
> - web shortcuts
> - net preferences
> - useragent
> so from the KIO kcm's I think only the proxy kcm should be installed by
> default (if it work, never use it)
> I think a cleanup by default is needed and have KCM's you can't change
> anything cause the user use firefox would help nobody.

They're used, though, for KIO. (I tend to agree that they should not be all 
shown in systemsettings, that has been confusing me as well.)

The web shortcuts perhaps is an exemption, as that's also used by krunner, 

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