broulik added a comment.

  It's not much code on our side because Qt has the code nowadays. :)


> graesslin wrote in FindQt5PlatformSupport.cmake:1
> given that it has my copyright I assume you copied from kwin - that would be 
> a reason to move it to ecm. We have two users.

+1 to that.

I had one issue regarding the include path, though, but I can't reproduce it 
anymore and I forgot what I actually did but the path I need is


but I sometimes got


but I'm sure we can figur that out.

> graesslin wrote in kdeplatformtheme.cpp:59
> can we really make that static? What about runtime changes?

That's what Qt does and I don't think Qt is equipped to re-create a platform 
menu at runtime; at least that's what I was told when I raised the very same 
concern in the upstream Qt codereview that added this.

We could perhaps do it for newly created menus but when the service becomes 
unavailable at runtime there's no way for us to re-create existing menus.

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