We had a discussion on System Settings at the meeting today which
merited its own thread:

 * system settings direction and improvements (alex-l, ...)
    <alex-l_> the most complained part for me is System Settings:
newbies don't like it
    <d_ed> I like some of what Andreas is doing
    <d_ed> the lots of papercuts
    <alex-l_> Note on SySe: Daniel Foré from Elementary OS had the
idea to introduce a cross-DE URI scheme to let apps open precise
system settings module. If SySe will adopt it, its complexity would be
reduced and users would be able to find easily the settings related to
the app they are using. As always the question is: there would be the
manpower to implement it?
    <Sho_> but the problem is that the "let's fix system settings"
attempts i see are always vague and high-level and end up being a
rearrangement of marbles, instead of purpose-directed. for example,
here's a real thing we need to fix in settings: the keyboard layout
kcm needs to become an input languages kcm, so people can set up an
IME in there easily to actually be able to type their lang. that's
something we suck at that Gnome/Windows/Mac do well. but instead it's
"maybe we
    mgraesslin thinks that part of the problem is that we constantly
move things around because we think we finally found the ultimate

Go ahead and discuss...

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