<apol> llucas`: on one hand, we need to figure out the dependency
system on KPackage, then we can look whether anything is needed on the
discover side, which shouldn't be needed
    <llucas`> apol what about   * store and dependencies: to both
plasma and other apps versions (for i.e. simplemenu, Dolphin service
menus) and to other store items (i.e. look&feel packages)  and
integration with discover?
    <alex-l_> About KDE Store: I noticed that i.e. Dolphin Service
Menus doesn't display KDE Store contents. The previous domains point
to store.kde.org now but the new contents on KDE Store are not aleays
displayed like in Dolphin
    <Sho_> Riddell: I need basic version dependency handling - if I
put Simple Menu on the Store today, say, it won't work for anyone
because it needs 5.9 stuff


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