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>     <d_ed> biggest pain point from bugzilla is mostly still
> multiscreen. I'm not sure we have a solid plan of what /should/ happen
> in each situation.
>     <d_ed> panel gets added to screen 1 and 2, you disconnect screen
> 2. How many panels do you have on screen 1

(speaking from being in a work environment where I regularly switch
between various screens/tvs and screen setups multiple times a day)

Ideally containments are tied to screens as a whole and no "merge"
of panels is happening. So in the case above, one panel. (I don't
remember if panels are part of the containments, but I'll assume it is)

Thinking about it a bit more, I think the concept of primary screen
is important here. When I have only my laptop, its screen is obviously
the primary one. Now if I plug in a screen(s) and I set any other screen
as primary, I'd expect the containment from my laptop to go to that
primary screen, creating new one/restoring old one for the laptop screen.

Now at this point this is the setup (where * is primary):
[laptop] [*screen1]

If I add another panel to [laptop] (both screens now have bottom panel),
I would want that panel (and containment) to appear again only in this same
Ie. unplugging [screen1] makes [laptop] primary again and thus moving
the containment from [screen1] back to [laptop], unloading the other
containment completely.

Ie: [laptop] [*screen1] --unplug screen--> [*laptop]

That primary setting should also be remembered by a screen I think,
because if I'm plugging to a projector or big room TV, I don't think I want
all my laptop screen suddenly jumping to the other screen for everyone
to see. In other words, I never set that TV or projector as primary and
therefore plasma shouldn't automatically assume "any external screen
equals move primary screen".

Ie: [*laptop] --plug TV--> [*laptop] [TV]

If I explicitly set the TV as primary, then it should again be remembered.

Ie: [*laptop] --plug TV--> [laptop] [*TV]

The reasoning for this^ is that, presumably, for privacy and/or comfort
I'd be moving the primary screen from the TV back to my laptop.
But then when I come back to my desk and plug in my screen,
I'd need to again set the primary screen to the external screen, which
is just annoying.

So...my CA$ 0.02 :)

Martin Klapetek

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