>at first would try to install the thing with packagekit, if found, and that's
>probably the easy part (and where is i think realistic for 5.9) then the hard
>part is that it would need to search for stuff in the store as well.

Wait moment, why packagekit? I mean as far I remember the plan was to
specify dependencies only from KDE Store not from distro repositories.

>at that point, would be needed something in attica to search for a particular
>appstream id, that may take a long time unfortunately as may need a change in
>the server as well to add new api (i wouldn't like to have to specify
>dependencies as numerical ids?)

Why appstream id? From what I see on KDE Store/opendesktop every file
already have an unique ID. Just an example.
Plasma theme MX Theme

So why not just include that link or any other id used by Get Hot New
Stuff in the metadata file ?

and so on.

Dependencies from the KDE store should be a top priority here imho. If
this is going to take more time I am fine with that.


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