--- Comment #4 from Paul M <> ---
(In reply to Kai Uwe Broulik from comment #3)
> Don't you have a mouse wheel or scroll gesture on your touchpad?

Yes I do but those aren't always precise (especially touchpad scroll gestures).
The arrows are useful for scrolling small distances, or for scrolling lazily
whereby you just keep the arrow pressed down.

I know you don't *have* to click the arrow itself to scroll, but I think they
add some visual clarity, especially for novices, that the function is for
moving up and down. The arrows also distinguish a scroll bar from other UI
elements used in breeze e.g. in Dolphin there is a disk space indicator which
looks almost visually identical to a scroll bar. Hide the arrow when the mouse
is not over and you still get the elegant clean clutter-free design you are
striving for.

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