Hey all,

We'd like to add project plasma-browser-integration into KDE[0].

The goal is to make chrome and firefox integrate better into a Plasma
desktop environment through browser extensions.

Firefox and chrome (and potentially others) allow plugins to talk to a
native binary host [1]. This binary host is launched by the the browser and
has a socket to a conventional browser extension. This project consists of
both parts allowing a chrome extension to make normal DBus calls to
services just like other apps.

Integrating what?:
This gives us the following features:
 - Finding open tabs via krunner
 - Download progress in the task bar
 - Showing now playing information with shortcuts (if the website supports
 - "Send to KDE Connect" context menu on links
 - Loading windows on the correct activity (WIP)
 - An SNI if incognito windows are open with action to close them.

And potentially more in the future. There is a config to enable/disable
parts as appropriate.

 This repo consists of two parts. The binary host which should be
distributed by normal distro means, and the browser extension which is
going to be different.

The browser extension can be deployed in one of 3 ways.
 - manually by the user from the code (useful for devs)

 - through the webstore [2][3]
 - chrome also has a feature where we can ship a text file on the distro
side that will make the browser automatically fetch an extension from their

Ideally we want the extension available on the store from an official KDE

 - potentially it could also be done by the distro, but it seems like FF
might be removing that possibility and the digital signing is an issue.

[0] https://cgit.kde.org/plasma-browser-integration.git/
[1] https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/nativeMessaging


David and Kai

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