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> broulik wrote in notificationsanitizer.cpp:45
> We need a `QXmlStreamEntityResolver` like `KNotification` has otherwise HTML 
> entities like `Ä` (for `Ä`) will error out.

They don't, because that's not what we're parsing.

We will parse Ä  which is handled

Sending Ä will get Ä   
Sending Ä will show Ä

Old code is the same.

> broulik wrote in notificationsanitizer.cpp:72
> Don't write `alt` if it doesn't have one?

QmlStreamWriter skips it if the value is empty

> broulik wrote in notificationsengine.cpp:265
> Won't you end up with piles of `<html>` tags since `_body` is the body text 
> of the notification it would group to.
>   <html>
>   <html>
>   old notification
>   </html>
>   new notification
>   </html>
> Not that it really matters, though.

Oh, I didn't think about that code. You're right.

I'll add a .mid()

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