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  In, @ngraham wrote:
  > Seems useful! Couple of nitpicks:
  > - `KsysGuard` itself appears in the menu :)
  Yes, I know :-(. When someone presses Ctrl+Esc then the System Monitor opens 
which has less features than KSysGuard. I thought it would be good to find 
KSysGuard from there. I didn't come up with an idea of how to remove the item 
when the Tools menu is actually opened from KSysGuard.
  > - The button should look like a dropdown menu button and have a 
downward-pointing arrow on the right side
  I had that before but it looks rather strange because the arrow is on the 
left side:
 I tried to move the arrow to the right side by changing the layout direction 
but this also right-aligned the menu items. Do you have a better idea?

  R111 KSysguard Library


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