notes for 12/2/2018
present: Eike, Kai Uwe, Bhushan, Roman, Marco

* [Dashboard] Implemented missing Tab/Backtab keyboard nav in
Dashboard (fixes a reported freeze bug on Shift+Tab along the way)
* [TM] Fixed pinning apps when their .desktop file has spaces in the file name
* [TM] Fixed crash on running apps with a corrupted .desktop file (by
making KRun more careful and not starting a nested event loop from a
task delete we destroy due to an opportunistic startup notification)
** Patch needs another revision
* [General] Working on a prototype for a different activity switching
experience with Marco's help

Kai Uwe
* Did some fixes for BlueDevil and Volume applets
* Some performance improvements in Task Manager (more lazyloading,
e.g. of tooltip delegate)
* Worked a bit on making KWin's tooltips less annoying, they show up
for non-active windows and also have no show delay whatsoever
* Clened up KUrlNavigatorPlacesSelector, straight from Task Manager:
D10329 VDG-approved but I'd like some dev approval also
Diff 10329 "[KUrlNavigatorPlacesSelector] Put categories into
submenus" [Needs Review]
* Cleaner look for file dialog D10325
Diff 10325 "[KFileWidget] Hide places frame and header" [Accepted]
_: what is different activity switching experience? :)
* And the most exciting thing of them all is something that I've been
working on is gmenu-dbusmenu-proxy

- Packaged camera stuff finally :
- Also included gst-omx stuff on mobile image, so fully accelerated
video playback
- random packaging stuff for plasma mobile
- ported fullscreen panel on plasma phone to kwayland, pending review
from notmart

* Follow ups on FOSDEM (was great!).
‎* Follow ups on 5.12 release (many problems apparently, we should in
5.13 planning talk about our release process).
*‎ Planning for next release (in particular our Wayland efforts).
‎* final stages for my Xwayland patches for upstream...

* pushed the plotter component crash fix
* fixed a serious security issue in the device notifier (commands
embedded in removable drives were executed... ouch) all pushed,
security advisory sent to security@
* Fixed in kirigami custom colored icons
* Fixed in Kirigami drawer handle behavior when a global footer is present
* work on qqc2-desktop-style for better look and behavior
* icons support for buttons/toolbuttons/menuitems in qqc2-desktop-style
* fixed rendering for BusyIndicator
* new missing components in qqc2-desktop-style: RoundButton,
DelayButton, MenuBarItem
* helped kai a bit on gmenu debug
* prototype for a new gesture based activity switching in plasma mobile
* patch in kactivitymanager to create a set of default activities not
from desktop scripting D10388

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