Thanks for the meeting folks, here's the minutes I extracted out of the log

** 5.12 was awesome but not yet perfect, aim for perfection where possible
** dependency requirements to be better defined and documented - action JR
** tosky to add JR to calendar in phab, plasma and hopefully
frameworks to be added
** Plasma 5.13 to dep on Qt 5.9 or .10, no final decision yet
** Plasma 5.13 to be tested against Qt 5.11 but not depend on it
** 5.8 stops regular releases when we do 5.12.x, maintains support a
case by case basis
** JR to close Done tasks on Plasma todo
** kcm redesign work to
be promoted for contributors, david to assign to anyone who doesn't
run away screaming
** neon spods to documents how to write and check openqa tests
** david to create Plasma structured testing process for kde-quality
** romangg to run breakout meeting to chat about kirigami HIG and
sphinx and required to report back in triplicate by March 5st
** eike to make kicker improvements, sho and riddell to add todo items as useful
** plasma-browser-integration host binary to be shipped with Plasma
5.13, david and tosky to sort translations, extension to be made
available for easy install
** romangg and Sho_ to discuss sprint meeting dates with Mirco et al
** jr to submit plasma talk to akademy to be sorted out nearer the time
** jr to request plasma bof when they open

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