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  > In principle it should not be needed. Right ?
  > Ifcheckboxes have a fixed size, and if margins would be equal to spacing, 
and if the math are correct, having something laied out as: margin + checkbox + 
spacing + icon + spacing + text would be automatically centered, no ?
  Well, in theory, yes, it would be centered. But, humans often perceive 
something to be centered when it's not actually centered, for example, in 
typography, letters like "O" or "S" are often put below a baseline. So, maybe, 
checkboxes should be even a little bit closer to icons/text.
  At a given moment, here's how things laid out:
    margin + checkbox_size + spacing + 1 + [2 + PM_SmallIconSize + 2] + spacing 
+ 1 + text
  Also, why is there the number 1?
  > The reason why I would rather fix the current code than introducing some 
centering, is because centering would automatically hide deeper problems, and 
because it makes the metrics (margin, icon width, spacing), not reflect what 
the code do. Which then introduces confusion and make the code not maintainable.

  R31 Breeze


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