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  @ltoscano Some question about the translation catalog which gets renamed here 
as well, from "plasma_runner_konsolesessions" to  
  Plasma 5.12 branch has the konsolesessions.po catalogs because scripty 
extracts them based on the existing Messages.sh. Just, in that branch this 
runner is dead code, was not yet ported to Qt5/Plasma5.
  In master the  konsolesessions runner has been ported some days ago. This 
renaming is a follow-up.
  In the rename though almost all UI strings have been changed as well (session 
-> profile), so the old translations will not be useful anyway.
  So there is a plasma_runner_konsolesessions.pot file for Plasma 5.12 which 
contains strings which are not used for that branch and also no longer will be 
useful for master after this rename.
  What is the best solution here? I would guess it makes sense to remove the 
Messages.sh from the Plasma 5.12 and you/scripty then simply deleting any 
existing plasma_runner_konsolesessions.po(t) files from both master and stable.

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