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  > In this patch, we are trying to solve the general case of how a navigation 
header with context actions should look.
  I see, but I'm afraid with only a single example (which should be solved 
differently anyway) it is going to be hard to reach a conclusion. I'm not sure 
about the purpose of the "title" element.
  > "worst case scenario" for a header with two navigation buttons, a title, 
and 2 or more context actions.
  I doubt a "title" with four more elements plus the required spacing will work 
at all as a title.
  > On another note, what would be your preference for title alignment: 
left-aligned, or centered?
  There are two qualities which make something a title: First and foremost, 
enough room to breathe, and less importantly a more pronounced font (bigger 
size, bolder). This means for me one of these situations:
  - lots of space title lots of space
  - title lots of space small icon possibly with text
  - small icon with no text at all lots of space title lots of space small icon 
with no text at all
  I would avoid anything involving the following in relation to the title:
  - small space
  - no space at all
  - more than two non-space items in addition to the title
  - | as a replacement for lots of space
  Otherwise the title element cannot perform its role properly and feels 
cramped. Unfortunately this means most of the screenshots above don't fit those 
requirements. On the plus side, it explains the "remaining issues" and 
weirdness you noted above.
  In your case I would think about a two-row approach, i.e. a row resembling a 
toolbar, and a separate row for the title. Once you only have a title and two 
non-text icons, it could collapse to a single row.

  R169 Kirigami


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