hpereiradacosta added a comment.

  Ok. This time I am strongly against this change. 
  This vertical line serves no purpose, clutters the ui, and is not "simple by 
  Why would one need to separate the checkbox from the icon and text to which 
it is directly related to.
  Also see how it breaks with separator and item selection.
  To me it is a no go.
  (Note that I am not happy with any on the later community accepted commits to 
breeze either: blur serves no purpose either, nor the extra space allocated for 
checkboxes, etc.)
  If people insist on this getting committed, I will oblige, and resign from 
maintaining breeze at the same time, for the reason that it is going in a 
direction which I do not like. I cannot maintain a code which renders to 
something I do not like (nor understand). 

  R31 Breeze


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