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  In D10512#209679 <>, @ngraham wrote:
  > If by default this slows down plasmashell's loading in favor of making 
widgets load faster, I'm against it. People will notice the drawbacks of the 
former more than the benefits of the latter.
  with the trick of the QTimer,  it shows an usable desktop actually before 
things are preloaded, then starting doing its things in the background.
  thesting on the local systems, plasma seems to stay fluid even while it's 
actually performing the preload in the background, so shouldn't be noticeable 
  of course, needs to be tried by many people with systems more or less 


> broulik wrote in appletquickitem.cpp:55
> Cache the result in a static to read it only once?

in a static?

  R242 Plasma Framework (Library)


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