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  In D10670#209823 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D10670#209823>, @mwolff wrote:
  > ok, looking at the reasoning in the other commit:
  > - you need to extend the commit message here
  Will be done.
  > - you need to provide a comment in the code the clarifies what's going on 
  Will be done.
  > in general, I don't see how such a comparison can be so costly - the real 
problem would be too many native events, no? did you maybe profile a debug 
build or something?
  A qstrcmp is more expensive than a single cpu instruction in i586 builds 
(debug or release), unless it uses SSE4 instruction in the x64 world.
  Unfortunately I haven't found what causes so many native events.

  R242 Plasma Framework (Library)


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