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> kwinglplatform.cpp:22
>  #include "kwinglplatform.h"
> +#include "kwinglutils_funcs.h"
>  #include <epoxy/gl.h>

why include kwinglutils_funcs.h? If it's truly needed, please add a comment so 
that it doesn't get removed with cleanup

> platform.h:24-37
>  #include <epoxy/egl.h>
> +
> +// qopengl.h declares GLdouble as a typedef of float when Qt is built
> +// with GLES support.  This conflicts with the epoxy/gl_generated.h
> +// declaration, so we have to prevent the Qt header from being #included.
> +#define QOPENGL_H
> +

Instead of copy pasting this all over the place: let's add one header file 
which does the epoxy include and the ifdef mess.

  R108 KWin


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