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  In D10890#215479 <>, @anthonyfieroni 
  > So why you called hack, why no just add conditional compilation against 5.44
  Alright, I re-read the summary and admit that it's somewhat confusing. Sorry 
for that. I'll try to make it clear:
  - This is a workaround for a bug when items opened from e.g. Dolphin don't 
show up in kicker's and taskmanager's application context menus. It is caused 
    1. KIO KRecentDocument bug, which led to application name (<app>) being 
stored in recent documents DB instead of its desktop entry name 
(org.kde.<app>). It mostly affects items which are opened from applications 
themselves. (The bug is fixed in D10863 <>, 
but not landed yet.)
    2. Kicker and taskmanager cutting out 'org.kde.' prefix (in order to work 
around the bug above, I believe).
    3. Items opened with KRun (which is what Dolphin is using) having correct 
org.kde.<app> record stored in the DB. As a result, they don't match recent 
documents query by kicker and taskmanager and hence don't show up there.
  - The workaround is needed for Plasma 5.12 only as it depends on Frameworks 
>= 5.42 i.e. we don't know if the version we're running on does contain D10863 
    - If it doesn't, we need to query for both <app> and org.kde.<app>.
    - If it does, we only need to query for org.kde.<app>. However, querying 
for both will do no harm either.
  - We need to fix Plasma first because otherwise kicker's and taskmanager's 
recent documents feature will break completely when Frameworks containing 
D10863 <> is released.
  So the plan (as discussed with @broulik on IRC) is to work around the issue 
in Plasma/5.12, then land D10863 <>, then 
remove the hack with cutting out 'org.kde.' in master (I'll do it in a separate 

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