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  In D10243#217119 <>, @andreask wrote:
  > I'm that much confuse maybe someone can make a screenshot what should be 
changed the opacity was already changed.
  I'm confused too, since this Phabricator revision is open and in "needs 
revision" state, yet you committed something anyway:
  That commit wound up in KDE Frameworks 5.43, but the icon wasn't visibly 
changed. Because of the confusion here regarding the status of this work, I 
announced to the world in a blog post a few weeks ago that was fixed in KDE Frameworks 5.43, 
only to be corrected by the wider internet once it was released and the issue 
persisted. Oops.
  This is why we use Phabricator: to make sure that proposed patches actually 
fix the issue they're targeting, and that their status is clear to all. If 
you're having trouble with Phabricator and `arc`, I'd be happy to help you out 
anytime you like. We also have high-quality documentation at
  And finally: **what is the status of this patch?** Was it already committed 
 or was that separate?

  R242 Plasma Framework (Library)


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