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> broulik wrote in main.qml:91
> Shouldn't that be a binding? If the player cannot pause, the entry would just 
> not show up rather than become disabled, ie. keep the action as "playPause" 
> maybe?

Not sure myself (but the doubled canPause looks strange on second read).

In the context menu of the taskmanager all media actions are kept and only 
disabled if not possible, with play/pause action though being same and 
switching label for canPause.
Would be good to be consistent. Not sure what I prefer.

So no menu entry for Play if playing and !canPause? Instead of disabled menu 

> broulik wrote in main.qml:149
> Not a huge fan of that stopped icon in the panel

The icon will not be visible in the system tray, as it's only used when neither 
playing or paused, and then the status is passive, so hidden in system tray.

Showing the stopped icon on the compact version of the applet in general makes 
sense for me, to really show it's in a different state.

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