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> broulik wrote in ExpandedRepresentation.qml:124
> Why is this thing no longer in a `ColumLayout`?

I want to have the controls always at the same fixed position at the bottom of 
the applet. With a layout it would shift them around according to the content 
available (which you can probably block somehow, but I couldn't really get it 
to work and using anchors or simple columns to achieve this seems more 
straightforward to me anyway).

> broulik wrote in ExpandedRepresentation.qml:269
> `height: undefined`

If I forget this trick one more time, hit me.

> broulik wrote in ExpandedRepresentation.qml:290
> Why not use a `ColumnLayout`?

As above. I want to have this stuff always at fixed positions. Or is there a 
simple way to achieve this with Layouts as well?

> broulik wrote in ExpandedRepresentation.qml:291
> I thought level only went up to 5 but fine with me

Yea, you're right. It just interprets everything above 5 as 5.

> broulik wrote in ExpandedRepresentation.qml:297
> So you now use the file name as "album"? How does it behave when you have no 
> id3 info at all?

I don't have changed anything in this regard.

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