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  > - I agree with Nathan that the bottom part is likely too hard.
  I've added opacity prop so different shadows could be tweaked("darkess" at 
the bottom is coming from the contrast shadow). Also, shadow strength is 
ignored... And again, shadow params is an open question.
  > - I think the same shadows should be used for windows and menus
  Yep, that's why I rejected the idea to approximate deco shadows. I've been 
thinking about moving shadow creation logic out so it could be used by 
KDecoration and KStyle plugin. What's your opinion on this?
  I would like to get input from VDG folks how menu shadows should look like.
  > - Also, thanks for posting the pictures. Is there any chance you could also 
post new vs old shadows side by side for the different sizes ? I have the 
feeling that for a given shadow size the new shadows appear larger ...
  OK. I'll post later.

  R31 Breeze


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