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On 03/07/2018 02:02 AM, David Binderman wrote:
Hello there,

plasma-desktop-5.12.3/kcms/hardware/joystick/joydevice.cpp:188]: (error) Memory leak: oldCorr

Source code is

   if ( ::ioctl(fd, JSIOCGCORR, oldCorr) == -1 )
     delete [] oldCorr;
     return JoyDevice::ERR_GET_CORR;

   if (bt < 0) {
       return JoyDevice::ERR_GET_BUTTONS;

One if statement tidies things up, the other doesn't. Suggest code rework.
It would also be more efficient if the sanity check for bt were moved
to just after where it is set up.


David Binderman

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