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  In D11148#221135 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D11148#221135>, @broulik wrote:
  > Well, the package definition says JS files must (should) be in "code", I 
don't see the advantage of moving this.
  That would the be another place to fix.
  Motivation for this and the other patches is this from today:
  [17:20] <frinring> notmart: hi. quick question: what is it with all the 
warnings "Warning: all files used by qml by the plasmoid should be in ui/." for 
*.js files which seem by standard located in the sibling "code/"  directory 
instead? there are quite some during plasmashell run
  [17:21] <frinring> is that a bogus warning which should be fixed for js 
files? or should js files be relocated in the future?
  [17:25] <notmart> frinring: yeah, js files should be relocated in the future
  [17:26] <frinring> notmart: what would be the new recommendation? ui/code/
  [17:27] <notmart> frinring: we used to have a very complicated rewrite for 
accessing files for doing things like that and force js from there
  [17:28] <notmart> then, profiling ended up eating a non trascurable time of 
bootup :)
  [17:28] <notmart> frinring: so yeah, either in ui/ directly or in ui/code 
which is cleaner, so it doesn't weight onto that

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