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  Introduce a new abstract item ordered list position property
  Provide a method for registering an item in the ordered item list
  Place active items in the visible tray at their remembered positions
  Register an active item in the ordered list if it isn't there yet
  Try to update the item order and visibility if its position changes
  Add the new config entry reference
  Add global buffers for shown, hidden and ordered items
  Add methods for initializing, accessing and rearranging items
  Add methods for saving the items in config
  Initialize and swap table content data retrieving method
  Create a new table column with positioning controls
  Use item buffers to determinate the current item state
  Use proper methods for switching the item state
  Visually distinct disabled (yet present) items
  Fix indentation
  Implement regexp based item id trimming
  Make position property read only
  Remove unnecessary conditional skip
  Wait for proper item id before registering it
  Prevent pushing idless items into configuration list
  Reimplement support for dynamically updated configuration
  Move timer definition
  Remove redundant method calls
  Update the config page on delayed notifier appearance
  Change positioning buttons ids
  Change disabled property name to inactive
  Put forced model view refresh code into a function
  Add an option to forget inactive item entries
  Revert "Update the config page on delayed notifier appearance"
  This reverts commit 6ee666c777501a9d7c554c59375ae6b77d3d518a.
  Keep reloading the item config entries until idless items get ids
  Merge branch 'master' into systemtray-ordered
  Don't bother with hidden state if all items are force shown
  Fix item list view scroll after moving an item
  Use theme based icons instead of char glyph labels for buttons
  Use QRegularExpression instead of QRegExp

  R120 Plasma Workspace




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