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  Please read also: why I proposed 
  The issue appeared from Latte Dock. When the user uses the parabolic effect 
and the FolderView is animated then somewhere in the middle of the animation it 
changes from icon to FullRepresentation and vice versa. In the bug report I 
proposed that this applet should respect at least the user-set panel icon-size 
in order to not change to FullRepresentation for values lower than the user set 
  So if the user has set Panel Icon Size:256px then the applet shouldnt change 
to FullRepresentation for values lower than that.
  But @hein proposed that this isnt valid for the specific applet because some 
users might want to change to FullRepresentation earlier e.g. at sidebars.
  So after that discussion I implemented a user choice for this...
  > I think the containment should force constraints on the applets instead, 
and the applets need to follow the constraints.
  I dont have any problem to update the code if you can propose me an approach 
that fixes the Latte issue and preserves the plasma design.
  >   A config option for this seems to duplicate the concept of constraints 
(which are indeed determined by the containment.)
  to which constraints are you refering?

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