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  I'm ok with it, tough i would change a bit the logic, as described


> OverlaySheet.qml:117
> +     */
> +    property bool showCloseButton: true
> +

property alias showCloseButton: closeIcon.visible

> OverlaySheet.qml:304
>              z: 3
> -            visible: !Settings.isMobile
> +            visible: !Settings.isMobile && showCloseButton
>              width: Units.iconSizes.smallMedium

with the alias then  we again have only:
visible: !Settings.isMobile

in this case, the default behavior of showCloseButton will be 
!Settings.isMobile, and then the developer could always override the behavior, 
breaking the binding to fore it always true or always false (so the property 
will work even on mobile)

  R169 Kirigami


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