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  In D11253#223776 <>, @hein wrote:
  > This patch is based on misunderstanding a reddit comment:
  > Heavy -1 for making the menu way too wordy.
  > On a meta-level, it's also really bad form to argue for patches with 
anecdotal internet comments, even if they haven't been misunderstood in the 
first place. We really don't need the drama.
  Even if I misunderstood the comment (oops), shouldn't we listen to our users? 
This patch wasn't based entirely on that single comment; rather, it was an 
example of a pattern I've noticed over time: that our users have difficulty 
finding how to change the wallpaper. That impression comes predominately from 
online interactions with actual users. It's hard for me to see how that would 
be invalid, in the aggregate.
  If this isn't the right approach, I can accept that, but I believe that we 
need to do //something// for wallpaper configuration discoverability. I'm open 
to ideas.

  R119 Plasma Desktop


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