romangg added a comment.

  Do typedefs for `KWayland::Server::LinuxDmabuf` in files where you use it 
more than once.


> abstract_egl_backend.cpp:346
> +void AbstractEglBackend::aboutToDestroy(EglDmabufBuffer *buffer)
> +{

Name should be more descriptive in relation to functionality, also it's not a 
signal, so "aboutTo" imo not recommended.

Suggestion: `removeDmabufBuffer`

> abstract_egl_backend.h:100
>      QList<QByteArray> m_clientExtensions;
> +    QLinkedList<EglDmabufBuffer *> m_dmabufBuffers;
> +    bool m_haveDmabufImport = false;

Why QLinkedList? It should be no better than QList for the removeOne call. For 
this better use QSet.

> abstract_egl_backend.h:135
> +class KWIN_EXPORT EglDmabufBuffer : public 
> KWayland::Server::LinuxDmabuf::Buffer
> +{

Why is it necessary to export?

  R108 KWin


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