broulik added a comment.

  Looks good
  >   I don't know how to make the result of the action available to the MMB 
(middle mouse button).
  `QClipboard::setText()` has a `mode` argument that specifies which buffer it 
should use.
  Default is `QClipboard::Clipboard` (the Ctrl+V one), just call it again with 
`QClipboard::Selection` for middle mouse paste


> broulik wrote in DigitalClock.qml:74
> I just figured since `ClipboardMenu` is a singleton-type, it's shared between 
> all digital clock applets. You can have different timezones in each. So what 
> we instead should do is:
>   Connections {
>       target: plasmoid
>       onContextualActionsAboutToShow: {
>           ClipboardMenu.currentDate = main.currentTime;
>       }
>   }
> This way we always only update when the respective context menu is opened.

You didn't address this comment in your updated patch


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