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  > FWIW, have a +1 for the idea. Removing the categories is not ideal, but 
having the ratings can be much more enticing for the user to install the app, 
and there is only so much space… Thus I think it's the better compromise to go 
with the ratings.
  >  ---
  > BTW, could not run the patch, because Discover master fails to start for me:
  >   QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component
  >   qrc:/qml/DiscoverWindow.qml:159 Cannot assign to non-existent property 
  > Any tips? I ran this on a non-master KF5/Plasma desktop, but CMake did not 
complain so it should be fine, right?
  Yeah, we're depending on a feature in the KF 5.45 version of Kirigami, We 
should mark that dependency.
  > One more thing: Lately I'm missing the "before" screenshots in your 
patches, although they would be really helpful! (If you installed to `~/usr` 
instead of `/usr`, for non-unique apps you could even run both versions in 
parallel for all your screenshotting needs, or in sequence for unique apps…)
  Sure, I'll try to get back to including before examples too. It's not 
technically challenging, I'm just being lazy. :-)

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