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  I think I understand why the icons are currently different: because the 
functionalities are different! In the lock screen, clicking on that button/icon 
switches to another visible user. In the Login screen, it lets you find other 
users not listed there to log in as.
  However, the the distinction is basically academic in the average user's 
mind, and the objective of both is to log in as a different user from the one 
that's been presented to you. Furthermore, the lock screen icon honestly does 
seem to fit both use cases, if you consider that each one is a subtle variation 
of  "log in as some other user".
  Therefore thumbs up from me. Let's let Plasma folks weigh in too, and 
especially @davidedmundson, who's the guardian of the SDDM theme.

  R120 Plasma Workspace

  change-user-icon (branched from master)


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