Kai Uwe:
* Bugfixing in Folder View
* Fixed System Settings section headings font (Qt bug with font.bold
vs font.weight priority)
* Added "aboutToShow" signal for ToolTipArea, allows to defer heavy
lifting to when the tooltip is actually shown (vs containsMouse)
* Profiling in Dolphin
* Tried to fix undo move to trash in desktop not working caused by
(once again..) URL rewriting, D11987 but that's still not enough to
fix it
* Fix for blur background filling caused by Image wallpaper rewrite: D11981
* Performance improvement for file dialog: D11948
* Will add QtQuickSettings to System Settings since it has a lot of
QML stuff nowadays
* Made a patch for QtDBus to allow interactive authorization
** needed for new logind and other calls, such as "reboot to firmware
setup" I've also been working on
** will try to get the Qt patch cleaned up this week

* spoken with Mirko about the sprint, needs somebody keeping the office key
* finding details of kde office warmup party to coordinate with who is
still at the sprint then

Working on T4465. Thinking about the right library structure. Current
progress here: 

* Mostly Qt stuff this week:
* Had some fallout from my Qt nvidia patch - hopefully now all fixed.
Mostly all merged now.
* Finally had that Qt memory leak patch merged (visible on slideshow wallpaper)
* wrote a QtDbus patch allowing for wildcards in QDBusService (waiting
on Kai to review before tagging proper people)
* this morning fixed a very boring crash in plasma framework

* Short week due to holiday on Monday and taking another day off for
personal stuff
* [SysSe] Finished Language KCM port, need to re-read and Phab
** We don't have a drag-reorderable list in Kirigami yet, so I did
without it for now (Up/Down buttons)
* Leaving for Berlin on the 12th, vacation until 17th, some more vacay
after the board meeting (28th+29th) in Berlin, then back in Seoul and
at work on the 3rd

* finished up a new api for libplasma to make containments and
activities bookkeeping easier on shellcorona, will push this week as
frameworks has been released
* ksplash themes standalone and ghns ui on systemsettings splash
module: they are still shared with lnf, but lnf module won't list
themes with just a splash
* Kirigami: DesktopIcon now used on all styles (except plasma svg
theme where the identical IconItem is used)
* Working with VDG on a new lockscreen look D11928

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