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  > Hi Vlad,
  Hi! :)
  > Second: I agree that the current code is bug prone, but your foreseen 
change is not satisfactory either. 
  >  The idea with the current code was to try create the shadows only "once" 
and if it fails for some reason, leave it failed for all widgets for which it 
is requested. 
  >  In your modified code however, if the creation of shadowtiles fails once, 
it keeps being called over and over again for each new widget. 
  >  I think this should be avoided.
  I've tried to preserve old behavior. The current code is always trying to 
create shadows.
  > One solution is possibly to call shadowTiles once and only once, in 
breezeStyle::loadConfiguration, and just test whether it is valid whenever 
  >  what do you think ?
  Yes, that's a good idea. How about calling `shadowTiles` in 

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