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  It's long been known that the keyboard layout switcher SNI is legacy stuff 
and will eventually become redundant with the Input Method Panel widget once we 
switch to a proper model of managing input languages vs. just keyboard layouts 
in the workspace.
  I suggest this be discarded and instead keyboard layout switching be added to 
the IMP widget as a fallback when an IM daemon is not running (when one is 
running it effectively takes over keyboard layout management at least on X11, 
and so the SNI always became completely useless to IM users). This would have 
the benefits of:
  - ... putting us on a path towards the proper unification we need
  - ... getting more of the core Plasma devs to review and work on the IMP 
code, which we need to be of prime quality (it's in p-d, it's on the default 
panel in many locales, and soon likely will be for all of them for emoji input)
  This is also important for our plans for the Virtual Keyboard down the road, 
where we want to embed the IMP widget to do the language/layout switching and 
reuse important toggles (like full/half-width character modes).
  This request as-is is new work that reimplements a known-to-be-broken thing, 
which is not great because new work should always go towards planned 

  R120 Plasma Workspace


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