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  > Is it maybe not necessary at all on Wayland to respect the output scaling 
factors for the placement?
  It is not necessary to do anything with scaling on wayland. All placement is 
in logical co-ordinates rather than device co-ordinates. Leave it alone and it 
will work.


> widget.cpp:476
> +        if (config->supportedFeatures() & 
> KScreen::Config::Feature::PerOutputScaling) {
> +            scaledSize = realSize / output->scale();
> +        } else {

you don't need this

> widget.cpp:478
> +        } else {
> +            scaledSize = realSize / devicePixelRatioF();
> +        }

Avoid the term scaled.

It could mean scaled from device -> logical, it could be scaled from 
It's a name that ends up telling you nothing. Use one of the other two terms

  R104 KScreen


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